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Devoted to development is the core slogan of OZ Developers (Pvt) Ltd. Chronological emergence started in Pakistan’s real estate industry with escalating opportunities for the best investment plans and solutions to experience remunerative acquisitions. Under the leadership of Hamza Majeed, Chairman of OZ Developers (Pvt) Ltd., becoming a hallmark venture by qualifying the established standards in the real estate zone. We assist through the profound ideas proficient of carrying the project towards the magnificent architecture. OZ Developers (Pvt) Ltd. is set for service contributions to local and overseas clients with reliable strategies. Our dedicated team assembled with highly professional skills remains on board for the best outcomes to come. We believe in innovation interference for ideological developments in the arcade of real estate. Rendering quality service to raise the lucrative receiving for the client will continue to the edge of excellence.

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Past attached with a prestigious down-to-work background with multifarious businesses. I came up with the vision to nurture the modern-day real estate business model in our developing society. After setting this goal, there was zero tolerance and commitment to plan and lead generating executions for company credibility and customer satisfaction. Our aim is above the barriers and share livelihood opportunities among plenty of families. Thriving struggle with exceptional interpersonal skills and knowledge relevancy of our team is built to build the customer alliance with us.  Commercial groups of the country are mostly in the development wave of OZ Developers. We prefer to serve every client with the pure dedication of a paramount strategic map. The company’s surveillance is moving to rectify real estate issues all around Pakistan. Great projects are ahead as a challenge and will prove a gateway towards the prevailing real estate business minds.

Strategy, Mission, Vision

  • Driving with the vision of paramount real estate prospects into/towards the phenomenal projects
  • Trust in tireless commitment and dedicated exertion for the customers’ mandate to render lucrative real estate services
  • Exploring the sets of strategies to pave the prime real estate models into the vital ventures

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